Unsolved crimes murder kidnappings – Police departments throughout the state have made use of this section to request information from the public concerning unsolved crimes.

The top unsolved crimes in the U.S. and the world.  These crimes are all dedicated to finding answers for the families of those involved in these horrible acts. The families deserve justice, and we love to be the ones to crack these unsolved mysteries, assisting families who have lost a loved one to violent crime, or kidnapping.


Unsolved crimes – Murders

Some of the biggest unsolved crimes involving murder in the last 1000 years.  There are countless numbers of murders each day; families deserve closure.  Those involved continue to wait for justice.  They wait hopelessly for answers that may ease their suffering.

Kidnappings and missing persons

UNSOLVED CRIMES pulls these cases from the bottom of the files and moves them to the top. We start at the beginning, with no bias, and re-examine all existing evidence. With sophisticated computer technology, crime photos are enhanced for new leads, background data is gathered, and group meetings are held to obtain a range of ideas and input.

Greatest mysteries in the world