Andreas Lubitz pilot of Flight 9525 investigation

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Andreas Lubitz pilot of Flight 9525 investigationAndreas Gunter Lubitz information on the co-pilot believed to be the mastermind behind the crash into the French Alps of the Germanwings flight 9525 Airbus deliberate crash.


Andreas Lubitz Montabaur Koblenz pilot
Andreas Lubitz Montabaur Koblenz

Likes Bonn Germany Railroad system; which is almost an hour away from his home; roughly 84.2 km away

Likes Agostea club in Koblenz; under 20 miles from home

Likes rope obstacles at Kletterwald Sayn course in Rheinland-Pfalz

Liked pinup Bowling und EventCenter         in Koblenz

Address: Im Metternicher Feld 24, 56072 Koblenz, Germany

Club he likes above, under 20 miles to his home


In Montabaur, his home town, he was a member of the flight club, started as gliderpilot as teenager, recently renewed glider license with flight club

Lubitz Andreas Montabaur welcome sign house Germany
Lubitz Andreas Montabaur welcome sign house Germany
Andreas Lubitz Koblenz 2 story wealthy home disctrict of Koblenz pilot
Andreas Lubitz Koblenz 2 story wealthy home disctrict of Koblenz pilot
Andreas Lubitz Family home German pilot
Andreas Lubitz Family home German pilot

Also had a flat in Duesseldorf, assume it was just his and not a family home. City of Duesseldorf roughly 1h36m from his family home in Matabaur/Koblenz area; 145km roughly

4 police cars at parents home, with curtains drawn

Lived with parents in one single family 2-story home; in wealthy area of Montabaur; neighbors not commenting, police don’t want journalists there now


Flight training of Andreas Lubitz

Attended Lft Bremen (Luftansa Flight Training in Bremen Germany); which was 3hours 50m away from home, or 404 km

“Rather quiet but friendly” at 14 or 15 at the flight club

Past tough german prep college at Bremen, became Lufthansa training,  while a teen;

Also trained at Phoenix after Bremen

630 flight time hours or 26.25 days in flight

Lubitz had a girlfriend; at least semi serious, in fall of 2014

Deleted FB account in past 2 days;

Posted FB link about a Lufthansa half-marathon, “flying_andy” ran a time of 1:48:51 for 13 miles in 109 minutes

Mile every 8m23seconds


Andreas Lubitz motivation

Definitely was him: pilot locked out, wanted back in.

First can hear him knocking lightly, then trying to knock down the door

Learned from Google cache of his facebook page




Passenger screaming heard just moments before the crash on CVR

20 minutes the pilots talked normally

Then pilot leaves, locked out of cabin

Co-pilot “manipulates monitoring system to activate plane decent”

During the final 10 minutes, absolute silence in cockpit, but normal breathing from co-pilot is heard

Pilot knocked several times during the last 10 minutes

Door can only be blocked manually



cockpit door Airbus flight 9525 diagram andreas lubitz germanwings
cockpit door Airbus flight 9525 diagram andreas lubitz germanwings
Germanwings Andreas Lubitz cockpit door 9525 Airbus 320
Germanwings Andreas Lubitz cockpit door 9525 Airbus 320
Andreas Lubitz Airbus A320 cockpit cabin view co pilot Germanwings flight 9525
Andreas Lubitz Airbus A320 cockpit cabin view co pilot Germanwings flight 9525


Andreas Lubitz Videos


How to open a cockpit door on the Airbus A320 (same as flight 9525)


CDLS = Cockpit Door Locking System

One thing worth noting in this Airbus promotional video is that they mention around 0:58 of the video, that the CDLS control is located on the overhead panel that monitors latches, doors and rapid pressure variations.

  • Also has escape panel that can only be used from inside the cockpit
  • Inside has 3 electrical latches + spyhole
  • cockpit toggle switch has 3 toggle positions
    • UNLOCK
    • NORM
    • LOCK

Procedure for cockpit secure doors:

  1. piilots call Flight Attendant for say bottle water
  2. Flight Attendant calls pilots after getting the water
  3. The call leaves a noticeable buzz for 3 seconds in cockpit (shown in 2m8s of video)
  4. Flight attendant presses # on the CDLS code key
  5. pilot or co-pilot then pull the toggle switch to unlock position, and holds it in UNLOCK position until Flight Attendant opens door when the green light appears



Locking position 2m43s of video


When door is closed, normal state is locked


If person doesn’t use normal procedure asking for access

Moves toggle to Lock

Outside of cabin will get a red light on the keypad, letting the person know the door is in LOCK position


This also causes the automatic door opening, the buzzer, and the code pad inhibited for 5 minutes.

When this happens, the person outside cockpit would have to use the interphone to communicate with cockpit.

All Andreas Lubitz would then need to do was move position to UNLOCK and immediately the person locked out would have the door unlock.

cockpit door Airbus flight 9525 diagram andreas lubitz germanwings
cockpit door Airbus flight 9525 diagram andreas lubitz germanwings


If the pilot tried entering the unlocking code;

After entering it, 30 second warning to cockpit that the door will soon be opened; but cockpit can override this request.  I would assume this most likely happened; it is one of two scenarios

  1. Pilot tried entering with code, after no response, tried entering emergency code (which if he didn’t have, a flight attendant would have as well); and this was overridden, leading to the pilot frantically trying to break down the door)
  2. The pilot couldn’t get in, but it was late, like 5 minutes after he left, 5 minutes until crash; in last 5 minutes, he’s knocking, and when realizing that there’s a problem and with the rapid decent, panicked, and tried kicking down the door without the access code


The fact that the passengers were heard screaming at the end, the fact that the pilot was alive and trying to get in, and the fact that the co-pilot was heard breathing normal, with no odd noises that would indicate he was having a stroke/heartattack, or hypoxia.. lead to believe he was alive and while and making a conscious decision


Andreas Lubitz

Killed all 150 when it crashed into the Alps

Black Box CVR Airbus320 Flight 9525 Crash damage
Black Box CVR Airbus320 Flight 9525 Crash damage


After locking captain out:

9:27 to 9:30

Flying at cruising altitude 38000 feet

Around this time Pilot leaves cockpit and is locked out

9:30:52 *

Autopilot settings changed from cruising altitude of 38,000, to altitude of 100 ft. which is the lowest possible altitude setting autopilot can go; these settings were changed from inside the cockpit

*(roughly this time, flightradar, gives the window between 9:30:52 to 9:30:55; a mere 3 second window)

9:30 – 9:40 altitude of flight


Went from cruising altitude (38,000 feet) to 8250 feet

Altitude drop of 6.4%

9:32 – 33

Altitude drop of 8.55%

9:33 – 34

Altitude drop of 8.43%

9:34 – 35

Altitude drop of 17.5%

9:35- 36

Altitude drop of 17.7

9:36 – 37

Altitude drop of 16

9:37 – 38

Altitude drop of 22

9:38 – 39

Altitude drop of 21.2

9:39 – 40

Altitude drop of 17.6

Crash occurred between 9:40:00 – 9:40:59


  • 29790 drop in height in 10 minutes


Setting the plane’s controls for rapid descent was an act that “could only have been voluntary”, Robin said. “He had… no reason to stop the pilot-in-command from coming back into the cockpit. He had no reason to refuse to answer to the air controller who was alerting him on the loss of altitude.”

The captain, who had stepped out of the cockpit, probably to use the toilet, tried to force his way back in: “You can hear banging to try to smash the door down,” Robin said.

Describing sound recordings from one of the plane’s black boxes, Robin said most of the passengers would not have been aware of their fate until the very end.

“Only toward the end do you hear screams,” he said. “And bear in mind that death would have been instantaneous…the aircraft was literally smashed to bits.”

FlightRadar24, an online air tracking service that uses satellite data, said it had found evidence the autopilot was abruptly switched from cruising height to maintain an altitude of just 100 feet, the lowest possible setting. The plane crashed at about 6,000 feet.

“Between 9:30:52 and 9:30:55 you can see that the autopilot was manually changed from 38,000 feet to 100 feet and 9 seconds later the aircraft started to descend, probably with the ‘open descent’ autopilot setting,” Fredrik Lindahl, chief executive of the Swedish tracking service, said.


REview of the information of the investigation into Andreas Lubitz, co pilot of the doomed German airplane deliberate crash into the French alps due to depression, after locking out the pilot and refusing to respond.
Review of Andreas Lubitz plane suicide murder
Date Published: 03/26/2015
The item is a well written, 100 page break down of where the investigation is at, and what is left to do. Top 10 reasons Andreas Lubitz snapped. Article gets a 4.5 out of 5 star review
4.5 / 5 stars

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