Barack Obama Citizenship

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Barack Obama Citizenship

Since his inauguration in 2008, the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth has been very controversial. Many people believe that Obama is not a legitimate United States citizen which would make it constitutionally illegal for him to be President of the United States.

Some people claim that his birth certificate, which states he was born in Hawaii, is a fraud and that he was really born in Kenya. Others claim that during the time of his birth his father held British citizenship which made him a dual citizen, which is not a natural born citizen as contained in the United States Constitution.

Barrack Obama birth certificate conspiracy
Barrack Obama birth certificate conspiracy

There is a more recent conspiracy that the birth certificate assigned to United States citizens at birth is a stock for a corporation, the citizen, which is held and traded on various stock exchanges throughout the world. Each certificate is worth approximately $6 million dollars which represents the value of that particular “stock”, or resource.

When a mother gives birth to a child she informs the government of this birth through a Birth Certificate. This certificate converts a man or woman’s life, labor and property to the United States government as an asset. The Birth Certificate was originally designed for children of newly freed black slaves after the 14th Amendment. It has since been integrated further.

As a world exclusive, this blog alone can tell you what is exactly on Barack Obama’s birth certificate, because Barack Obama recorded exactly what was on his birth certificate.

I will not go into if it was Kenyan, British Columbian or if it was Hawaiian as that is not the point of this investigation. What is the point is we know from Barack Obama hisself, exactly what his birth certificate looked like.
I can tell you that he was so troubled by it, that he his first thought was it caused a fight between Stanley Ann and Barack sr.

First though, I have to get something out of the way which is really at the heart of this entire cover up as there seems to be not one genuine thing which comes out of the Dunham’s or Obama’s lips. In most cases, one can count on if their lips are moving…….just like lawyers, they are lying.
If one asks the Hawaiian students who went to school with Barack sr., one will get the shock of their life in his name is not Bah ROCK as the world has been lied to this entire time.
His name instead as Barack sr. pronounced it, as all his friends pronounced it and as Stanley Ann pronounced it was Bear RICK as in rhyming with the English name Derrick.

I will come to the point that Grandmother Madelyn Dunham thought Barack sr’s. relatives were witchdoctors, that she never believed him and her exact words were, “He was straaanngee”.

In digressing for a moment, Stanley Ann, at 17 on her first infatuated date met him at a school park. Barack sr. was not there so she laid down on a bench and fell asleep in the sun.
An hour later this jerk showed up with his friends (remember first date) with a 3rd world line of, “Did I not tell you this was a fine girl and that she would wait for me.”

That is a manipulative jerk to the climax fullest and an infatuated girl as Barack Obama records. No one has any photos or memories of these two together. Evidence shows they never lived together ever.
It is logical deduction that all that happened was Stanley Ann was mesmerized at got her 17 year old cherry picked by this manipulative adult. That is the not so romantic sperm donation at the start of Barack Obama.

Psychologically speaking, Stanley Ann was overtly overt, meaning she was unsure of herself and of low self esteem. America had abandoned her dreams so she chose 3rd world black dreams to hold her.
A person infatuated like that with a dream, can be manipulated and not hear a thing, such as Barack sr. has a wife in Africa, and when he gets back he will take another wife. Such Stockholm Syndrome type mentalities produce a woman later who is full of fury in accusing her husband of mental torture and abuse.

In understanding this that Stanley Ann and Barack sr. did not live together, and that the parents on both sides were not pleased at all with the events. Picture something now as I explain using Obama’s own words in describing his birth certificate.

Imagine that Stanley Ann has gone to Vancouver to receive free health care from Canada which just instituted it. Imagine she wants British citizenship for her son.
Imagine about this time that Barack sr. is acting like the jerk he is, and word drops down to Madelyn after Blake or Barry is born, that Sr. has a wife and the old gal is blowing steam, if she is not the mother of this kid herself.

Madelyn in this scenario with Stanley Ann in Washington, goes down to the hospital to register this kid who is not there. The first hospital which is the one Stanley Ann thinks is the registration hospital denies the filing without the baby.
Madelyn then ventures to hospital number 2 which she points out to Obama’s sister as the one.

Being denied the first time, Madelyn is a smart woman and starts crying. She tells the hospital her daughter was taken advantage of by this strange black man and she has just given birth.
The black man has a wife in Africa and the Dunham’s are terrified their deluded daughter is going to go there and be part of a harem and they will never get the grandchild back.

The registrar at the hospital is shocked as normal people would be, and says, “There there dear, as you volunteer at the Hawaiian courts besides working at the bank, you know mistakes are made………well lookee here, here is a birth certificate with just this baby’s name on it and we will have a note that you as Gram will be the legal guardian.
You just shuffle this down to the clerk you know and tell them your story and baby Obama will be your legal responsibility with no crooked Hawaiian government questions being asked as no little nipper like him is going to ever amount to anything.”

How do we conclude this happened?

Bearick Obama’s own words:

Quote from Obama on the Obamafile “Years later, when Obama was in high school, he found a family stash of birth certificates and old vaccination forms. Why wasn’t his name there, or his mother’s? He wondered, he later wrote, “whether the omission caused a fight between my parents.”
This is a very strange question. Why would Obama, now in his teens, wonder about a conflict that may have happened when he was a year old? What is he saying in this passage?
Is he saying there was no birth certificate for his mother and he, or is he saying something else?
end quote.

What the Obamafile missed is something related above. Bearick Obama was not saying HIS name was missing, he was saying that his dad’s name was missing from the long form birth certificate.
It gets one better as Bearick Obama states, that not even his mother’s name was present on the birth certificate.

Note that young Obama was lied to by his mother in her deceiving him that they had been one big happy family, when records show they never lived together and Stanley Ann was in Washington immediately after the birth.
Records also show Stanley Ann committed perjury on her divorce papers stating she was 2 years in Hawaii when she had not been. It is submitted she lied, because if she didn’t have a proven long term residency and was a gypsy the courts might give junior Obama over to his Kenyan dad and he could then take the child home to Kenya.

It all sounds incredible, but Barack Obama jr. is the one recording what he found and it troubled him deeply.

Why this all matters now is simply this. The long form birth certificate in Hawaii which Barack Obama and his lawyers are hiding, along with the entire state of Hawaii, is not a legal document. His parents are not recorded on it, which means it opens the can of poi as to where was Stanley Ann as she never registered this birth?
That entails the logical line she was not in Hawaii……….and last time humanity checked, umbilical cords do not stretch 10,000 miles, so Bearick Hussein Obama was not in Hawaii either when he was born.

This is what Barack is hiding and what everyone is hiding as the very document of the long form birth certificate is either a newly manufactured one which is a fraud anywhere from 1971 onward . (See this research all started because I was trying to find out where Bearick obtained his first driver’s license as one needs a long form birth certificate for one. Find that and perhaps there is a record of it in Hawaii, California, Illinois or New York.)
The very certificate is not complete and that is what is being hidden. I would have never dreamed that any state would allow such a thing, but if daddy’s name is not on the certificate, he can’t legally take the baby to Africa and Madelyn would have known it, and she was just as separate the two lusting people in sending Stanley Ann off to Washington, to not allow even her daughter to have legal custody of this child as she was just 18 and in those years one had to be 21 years of age for a number of things.

It is a sordid tale of deception and intrigue, but what else could fit this Obama Dunham group of leftist manipulative liars.

This is the scenario which ties up the loose ends, by utilizing Berick Obama’s own descriptions and words.

I wonder if Pulitzer will be calling to award me the prize or Nobel as this is the greatest breaking story of the 21st century.
Oh well tis the greatest scoop on the usurpation of the Office of the President of the United States by the most lunatic of families from America and Kenya.

Think I will end it there as I have more important things to do than being a journalist.

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