Greatest UFO, alien or outer space mysteries

Wow signal aliens ufo mysteries
The Wow signal
  1. Roswell – The Roswell New Mexico UFO crash
  2. Life in outer space –¬†are we alone?
  3. The Wow signal
  4. UFOs
  5. Dark matter
  6. Crop Circles
  7. Black holes
  8. Bear Lake Michigan “moving stars”

Here’s some of the greatest UFO alien, and outerspace mysteries the world has ever known.

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The mysterious ‘crafts’ have been spotted over an iceberg, an airport and even a Cornish holiday resort.


Take that! A UFO attacks a Taliban position in Afghanistan
There has been something of a glut of UFO and alien sightings over the past few months.

With that in mind, here is our look back at some of the close encounters that have been making the headlines in 2014.

Remember: the truth is out there.

1) UFO spotted hovering over iceberg in eastern Canada

An eyewitness claimed to have spotted a white object spinning and shape-shifting above the sea during an excursion to Salvador, Newfoundland.

2) US Army Air Force fighter jet destroys giant ‘alien monster’ in desert

A video uploaded to YouTube purports to to show the moment a fighter jet bombs a bizarre, throbbing jellyfish-like object in New Mexico, in the United States.

3) UFO whizzes past CCTV camera on darkened industrial estate

In this video, a bright, white object can be seen hurtling through the air at breakneck pace. It was recorded on a CCTV camera on an industrial site in Prokopyevsky, Russia.

4) UFO attacks Taliban camp in Afghanistan

This clip shows a triangular shaped airborne object open fire on an insurgent position. Explosions can be seen and a huge plume of smoke soon rises up in to the sky.

5) Bizarre ‘rotating’ object spotted over London

A series of photographs showed a black, rotating object complete with a light in the skies above the capital. It later floated off in the direction of Highbury and Islington.

aliens ufos and outer space mysteries
aliens ufos and outer space mysteries